Be financially secure (and avoid retiring on the pension)

Be financially secure (and avoid retiring on the pension)

No one deserves to work hard their whole life, only then to retire poor. But 65% of us end up retiring on the pension or other government payment (according to ASIC). It’s crazy. And it shows us that the system of superannuation is broken, and alone it can’t be relied upon for most of us.

Why do so many retire on the pension?

It’s simple: most of us think that our super will provide for us in retirement - but so many of us retire with nowhere enough. Almost half of people approaching retirement age have less than $100,000 in super (according to research by MLC).

Most people think that our home is the biggest financial commitment of our lives - so when we’ve paid it off, we’ve made it. Sadly, that’s wrong.

The biggest financial commitment of our lives is actually our retirement - providing for ourselves when we’re no longer working. And with the false sense of security that comes from owning our home and paying into super, no wonder so many Australians are headed for hardship later in life.

Is property the answer?

It’s the number one reason our clients are motivated to invest in property: to have a more financially secure future.

And property has proven to be on of the most trusted ways for everyday Australians to do this.

In a nutshell:

Imagine having a growing portfolio of well-located properties, which pay for themselves (thanks to rental income and tax savings), so we can hold onto them over the medium to long-term while they grow in value and give us an income.

It’s a simple idea. And it’s not new. However the key is getting every step of the process right, and avoid common mistakes, by having the right support and expertise on your side.

Remember, time in the market is important - to see your properties grow over the medium to long term. So make today your time to find out if you qualify, and if so, how smart property investing can help you have the future you want and deserve.

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