Can an investment property actually give us an income?

Can an investment property actually give us an income?

We're all working hard for our money. But can an investment property really give us a extra income, without having to work any harder?

It would mean we could actually choose when we wanted to stop working so hard, and eventually enjoy a more comfortable retirement.

Property investing has proven to be one of the most trusted ways for us to create real wealth and income over the medium to long term.

It’s tried and tested - but it’s not about “get rich quick”. In fact, it takes a long time to create real wealth with property - so the sooner you can get started, the better.

Think about this - it’s simple:

  1. While we’re still working, we steadily grow a portfolio of several well-located, quality investment properties. We’ll never live in them. Their job is simple: to grow in value and provide us with an income over time.
  2. By choosing the right properties in the right growth locations, the rental income and generous tax savings from our properties can cover (or be more than) the properties’ expenses (like loan interest, insurances and rates). So our properties actually pay for themselves, allowing us to comfortably hold onto them over time, as they grow in value.
  3. Fast forward to when we are wanting to retire or start working less. We have the freedom to choose which properties to sell, and which to keep. By paying off those properties we will keep, we will have much less to pay in interest, and so can keep much more of the property’s income.

But wait - this is important: investing in property is completely different to buying your own home. And there’s a reason that most property investors fail, and end up with only one property, generally around the corner from where they live. It’s because DIY property investors usually make plenty of simple mistakes.

So it’s only by getting the help of experts who are on your side that you can you make sure you are doing it the smart way - choosing the right properties in the right locations for growth, and setting them up correctly to maximise your rent return and tax savings.

The good news is that with the right help, this is how Australians, even on average incomes, can use smart property investing to eventually get an extra income - whether we are working or not.

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