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Simple and helpful “how to” information about smart and successful property investing.

Election-proof property investing

Another federal election is just around the corner, and property investors are front-and-centre. What does it mean for you, and how can you election-proof your property investing plans?
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Own your home sooner

Paying off our own home is financial goal number one for many, and there are plenty of practical ways to achieve this sooner - including using our portfolio of investment properties (which are also working hard to give us a more secure financial future). Now that’s smart.
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Be financially secure (and avoid retiring on the pension)

We all want to be financially secure, and to know that we can enjoy a comfortable retirement. But 65% of us end up retiring on the pension (or other benefit). The system is broken. So how can smart property investing help us create a better future, for ourselves and our loved ones?
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Your goals, your future

It’s the actions we take today that will determine the sort of future we’ll have. But are you on the right track? Taking the time to think about this could be life-changing.
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Download: Your Goal Questions

Successful people set goals. It's that simple. Download your goal questions sheet here, to help you set clear goals for a more secure financial future.
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Maximise your rent return

Smart property investing is someone else paying for your property, while you enjoy the benefits of extra income and capital growth. And a health rent return is key to achieve this...
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Turn your equity into income

Your equity is just that - it’s yours! And it should be working much harder for you than it is right now. Whip it into shape and it’ll help you grow your assets and give you extra income…
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