Download: Your Goal Questions

Successful people set goals. It's that simple. Download your goal questions sheet here, to help you set clear goals for a more secure financial future.
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Maximise your rent return

Smart property investing is someone else paying for your property, while you enjoy the benefits of extra income and capital growth. And a health rent return is key to achieve this...
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Turn your equity into income

Your equity is just that - it’s yours! And it should be working much harder for you than it is right now. Whip it into shape and it’ll help you grow your assets and give you extra income…
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Get started with property investing

Is property investing right for you? Will you qualify, and is it the right time? Getting answers to the right questions will help you start your property portfolio the smart way…
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Too Poor to Retire

Think it's crazy to work hard your whole life, only then to retire poor? Well more Australians now worry they'll be working past 70, simply because they won't have enough to retire...
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Some thoughts from our clients

After watching an advertisement for Simple Home Invest we decided to give them a call as we were curious as to how we could purchase investment property while only in our 40′s. We were fortunate to have built some equity in our own home and wished to investigate building a property portfolio sooner rather than…
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