Too Poor to Retire

Too Poor to Retire

We think it’s crazy to work hard your whole life, only then to retire poor.

However, according to the bureau of statistics, around 20% of Australians fear that they will need to continue working past 70 years of age. And why? For most, it’s because they fear they won’t have the financial security to retire.

Did you know:

  • Most Australians don’t have enough super when they retire
  • About 80% of us rely on a full or part pension in retirement
  • About a quarter of retirees are actually living below the poverty line

So how will you make sure you have a secure income during retirement? Are you like most and won’t have enough super alone?

Property investing has proven to be one of the most trusted ways for everyday Australians to grow their wealth, and create an income for life.

For many of our clients, investing in the share market feels uncomfortable and too risky. And after all, if you have any super at all, chances are you're already invested in shares. Property however offers them an attractive opportunity to grow their wealth in a steady and reliable way, with a tangible investment, which is always in demand, that you can see and touch.

Is it time you found out whether the path you're on right now is leading you to the future you want? And could smart and successful property investing help you get there?

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