Q: Can I buy an investment property using my super

Q: Can I buy an investment property using my super

A: Using super to invest in property has boomed in popularity in recent years. The idea of having more control over how your super is put to work, and being able to buy more property rather than shares, are just some reasons you might be attracted to the idea.

Depending on how much super you have, how it’s set up at the moment, and where you are in your working life, using your superannuation to invest in property certainly may be possible.

At Simple Home Invest we have helped numerous clients to grow their property portfolio more quickly than otherwise would have been possible, thanks to their super. This can give you more time in the market to see your property grow in value.

There are some regulations about what you buy, how you buy it and how you use the property, and you may need to restructure how your super fund is currently set up (eg set up a self-managed super fund). However this can be a simple process, if you have the right property and finance experts working for you.

Everyone’s situation is different, so we always ensure you have the benefit of advice from a qualified financial advisor, experienced in super property investing, to help you work out if it’s right for you.

And of course, we are here to assist you find the right property, in the right location, which will meet all of the requirements of a super property.

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