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How can Simple Home Invest help me?

Simple Home Invest empowers everyday Australians to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals, through our free, all-inclusive and independent property investing service.

With a commitment to honesty and integrity, our experienced team of experts will help you every step of the way - from discovering your property investing options, to helping you secure the best investment opportunities in high-growth locations.

Thanks to our research, knowledge and experience, we make property investing simple, and will give you every possible opportunity to succeed, to create financial security for you and your family’s future.

Why is your service free?

We are committed to helping as many Australians as possible to enjoy the rewards of property investing. So we have designed a free service to help you achieve just this.

This makes our service more accessible, so you can benefit from our help and support to investigate your property investing options, and secure your own investment property, without worrying about additional fees and charges. We can offer our service as free to our clients as we are paid in a similar way to most property purchases in Australia - as we will receive a fee from those who are selling or building your new investment property.

We also include important safety nets in our service, such as independent property valuations, to ensure your new investment property offers you value for money. And because we are completely independent, we can help you access a very wide variety of properties, in locations all over Australia - so we genuinely can help you to find the right personalised property investing solution, giving you every possible advantage and opportunity to succeed.

Where should I buy my new investment property?

Securing the right investment opportunity in the right location is critical to your property investing success. Your new property needs to be in strong demand, and in an area with strong underlying growth drivers - irrespective of where it is, or where you live!

Unfortunately, without the experience, knowledge and right information to rely on, it’s so easy to make the all-too common mistake of buying the wrong property in the wrong location - often simply by buying a property around the corner, without really understanding whether it offers them the best chance for success.

Our team of property experts research locations all around Australia, and review countless properties in our search to pinpoint a selection of property investing opportunities which are right for you. We consider your own budget and goals, and of course important factors such as local supply and demand, vacancy rates and rental market performance, as well as economic diversity and drivers such as population growth, infrastructure investment, and job creation.

Without access to this information, and knowing how to apply it, finding the right investment property is really like finding a needle in a haystack! However we have the knowledge and experience to help you make smart decisions - and we only work with quality, in-demand properties, and in locations with strong growth drivers, which offer value for money and a strong rent return.

When is the best time to buy an investment property?

Property investing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a medium to long-term investment. Therefore, the sooner you can get started, the sooner you have the potential to get to ‘your happy place’. By holding onto your investment property over the medium to long term, you give yourself the greatest possible opportunity to benefit from its increasing value, while it gives you an income and saves you tax. Over that time, you could even be in a position to grow your property portfolio - where each additional property has the potential to do the same for you.

Can my investment property pay for itself?

Yes it can. With the right property, in the right location, structured effectively for you, your property can earn you enough in rent return and tax savings to cover all costs, and possibly even give you an additional income. The great news is, as your rental income increases over time, so will your cash-flow. So let your tenant and the taxman pay for your property, while you enjoy an extra income and the capital growth over time!

How can investing in property help me to save tax?

Property investing is one of the most effective ways to minimise your tax, to help you to grow your wealth and your assets - when you know how. When done correctly, property investing can potentially save you thousands in tax every year - thanks to generous tax incentives for property investors.

Costs such as property management fees and insurances are tax deductible, and you can also benefit with tax savings from negative gearing and depreciation. However not all properties are equal in how much tax they will help you save. We’ll show you how to maximise your tax savings, so you end up with a healthy, growing property portfolio - and more money back in your pocket!

Can I buy an investment property using my super?

Some people are able to do so. This will depend on a whole range of factors, including how much superannuation you (and your partner, if applicable) have and how your super is currently structured.

To work out if this is right for you, and to to set up the necessary arrangements to use your super to invest in property, it’s crucial to have the right advice and guidance from qualified, experienced finance experts who specialise in this area. We can help by putting you in touch with an experienced finance specialist to help - and if you are able to use your super to invest in property, we will work with your finance team to help you find and secure the right investment property for you, which meets all of the necessary criteria required for property investing through super.

I live in a remote area. Can Simple Home Invest still help me to invest in property?

Yes! We help people all over Australia, every year, to start and grow their property portfolios. And we make this simple and convenient, by providing you with information and personalised consultations over the phone and internet, prior to meeting in person.

The great news is that Simple Home Invest can also help you to access a wide range of investment opportunities in high-growth locations all around Australia, thanks to our research, knowledge and expertise. So just because you might not live in a property investing hotspot, we can still help you to benefit from the great opportunities available in affordable and fast growing locations around the country.

Do we have to spend hours searching for properties?

No! Benefit from Simple Home Invest’s experience and expertise, and extensive property research, to help you access a wide range of quality properties, in demonstrated growth locations.

We do the research for you, and source and hand-select a shortlist of investment opportunities in your price range, and based on your own needs and goals. It’s simple then for you to make an informed decision about securing your new investment property.

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